Accounting and Book Keeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping services IRA Consultants, Certified Charted Accountant Firm includes complete accounting facility for recording and accounting in compliance with the local and legal requirement. It is made from records provided by the client to produce a fully complaint set of financial books and records.

Book Keeping Services

Our bookkeeping services are suitable for business of all industries and small and medium enterprises for onshore bookkeeping and offshore bookkeeping. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly services based on requirements/ needs by our clients.

Outsourced Book Keeping Services

 We are using a team of experts to provide bookkeeping services as a Certified Chartered Accountant Firm with existence in Pakistan and the latest international accounting rules in financial reporting. We used our in-house developed web-based bookkeeping software for providing onshore IRA CONSULTANTS Services helping business owners with the best services in any city of Pakistan. Most of the people in Pakistan are not aware of how important a trademark for a business is, and how to register a brand’s trademark. IPO (Intellectual Property Organization) Of Pakistan has taken significant steps through TMR (Trade mark Registry) to upgrade the existence of Trademark services in Pakistan and enlarge the scale of IPO’s regional operational services at Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. It is very important to know the significance of a trademark registration in any business you own, and the owner should also be aware of how to protect this right. Those who are new to this industry and have recently started their small business can also get their trademark register in Pakistan easily. IRA CONSULTANTS is the best solution to fulfill your needs for filing a proper legal application for a trademark registration in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi or all over the Pakistan, because we have highly experienced team of Legal Attorneys especially trained for this purpose to solve all matters legally related to NTN registration or trademark registration in Pakistan.

Trade Mark Registration Service In Pakistan

In this fast changing world the needs and preferences of the individuals are changing. Everyone is driven towards innovation and wants to conduct a hassle free business. Therefore, IRA CONSULTANTS service is pleased to offer you its hassle free trademark registration services in Pakistan. Registration is very essential for your business in order to avoid the copyright issues and become a brand which the customers are able to trust. In order to start your business in Pakistan you can have all the resources you need. But if you don’t have your trademark registered, then your business identity is at serious threats of being stolen by your competitors, and then you may be questioned by the law or pay hefty amount to the government of Pakistan. Trademarks are a critical element of your company’s intellectual property. However, if you’re like many small business owners, you may well not know what a trademark is or how to defend one. Here are some facts to dispel some of the most common trademark misunderstandings.

Before Naming Your Organization Conduct a Trademark Search

It’s a frequent occurrence. You choose a brand names, make a website, print signs, labels, and promotional materials, and eventually sell. Then you’ll get a letter from a lawyer from another company accusing you of infringing on their trademarks. Changing your company’s name and rebranding it is costly. Furthermore, most small businesses cannot afford to defend themselves against a trademark infringement lawsuit. Conduct a trademark search before registering your business to see whether your chosen name would infringe on someone else’s trademark to prevent costly rebranding or lawsuit. IRA CONSULTANTS Services offers affordable comprehensive trademark searches if you don’t want to do the search yourself.

Your Trademark Class Matters

You must file an application to the IPO in order to register a trademark. The “class” of products and services toward which your trademark will apply is one piece of information you’ll need. The IPO has 45 different classes of products and services from which to choose, and it’s important to pick the right one because your trademark will only be valid for the classifications you specify. Choosing the correct class might be difficult at times. Should you obtain a trademark for a good (shirts) or a service (printing), or both, if you offer screen printed T-shirts? If you’re not sure how to choose a trademark class, go to a trademark lawyer.

It is Your Responsibility to enforce your Trade Marks

The IPO registers trademarks but does not regulate their use. That’s your job, and if you don’t enforce or protect your trademark, you risk losing it. Several factors go into effectively enforcing a trademark: To alert others to your trademark, use the registered trademark symbol, ®, on your trademarks. You can use the sign TM if you have a pending trademark application. Keep track of trademark filings through a trademark monitoring service, and file objections to any that potentially infringe on your rights. If you feel another

Documents required for a trademark registration

Where to Seek Assistance for Trademark Registration in Pakistan

Brand registration is crucial for your business as it adds value to your goods and services. By assisting with any intellectual property and registering your mark you can expand your business and have a strong challenging position in the market of goods and services. There are many trademark attorneys and trademark consultants’, IPO websites, law firms that are here for your brand registration in Pakistan. Several contact persons are mentioned on the IPO website of Pakistan.

Why IRA CONSULTANS Intellectuals Service?

IRA CONSULTANTS is notable intellectual property that offers a naive trademark registration of your brand and can reduce your enterprise risks by retaining your contest. There is no chance of stealing your brand as it is unique and all rights reserved by the intellectual property. Our mission is to give the best services and satisfaction to buyers. IRA CONSULTANTS are providing their services in Pakistan to customers of the UK, Iraq, Iran, UAE, US, and European nations. Anyone living in these countries can register their brand with IRA CONSULTANTS. We file a promising trademark petition that gives you enforcement, adds values to your business, and provides stability to the mind.

Accessible To Fees

The fee is comparatively low as of good quality services. we are giving you ease in your stressed time. Our low fee for filing a trademark application will help you to effectively manage your account.

TM Symbol Utilization

You can use a trademark symbol for your product and service from the day of certification.

Customer Care

Every firm has its own rules for business and trade but we deal differently with our clients. Our main focus is to give a safe, friendly environment to our clients. Our approach is client-centered and we hit the peace and ease for our buyers. stress-free enforceable brand registration and substantial rightful services are provided by the IRA CONSULTANTS to the customers in Pakistan and other countries.

We provide services for

By filing and registering your brand with such a law full and trustworthy property you can expand your business, increase your revenues and boost your firm. you can gain a reputation in the market and it will strengthen your brand for the future.